Our company

Plastics Engineering is all along our philosophy. Customer satisfaction is assured by an accurate product engineering that guarantees an high technology and quality of the final product. Team work, experience, passion and flexibility allow us to find the trust of Customers and Suppliers, people with whom is possible to establish a partnership relation and to share common objectives.

The company was founded in 1964 as a mechanical workshop "Officina Meccanica D.V.B.". Its main activity was the design and construction of models and molds for injection molding.
Around 1980, with the intention to supply to the customers a global service, the company was transformed in “TECNOSTAMPI S.R.L” introducing the injection molding process and the construction of prototypes, equipments and automations. 
The Company has improved his productivity and the quality of its final products by the constant staff training  and technological improvement. In 2005 the ISO 9001 certification has been achieved.