Research & Development

Our plastics experience and tailored design software permit us to support our Customers during the product design, prototyping and product innovation.

Mold production

Our advanced CAD/CAM systems and CNC machining equipments supervise the whole mold production cycle. We can also rely on qualified external suppliers.

Injection molding

We produce components and products in many different fields: food, sport, automotive, mechanics, electric/electronics, gadgets and textile. We are equipped with a wide number of injection molding machines that allow traditional injection molding and bi-injection molding. The clamp force starts from 35 ton up to 750 ton, the maximum product weight is 4 kg and the maximum product area is 800 x 500 mm. The whole production department is supported by a real time monitoring system connected to the central management computer system.


We also supply several services like: manual and semi-automatic assembly lines, ultrasound welding, pad printing, serigraphy and painting.