Industrial sector

Transversality, expertise and experience
Production of industrial components in plastic

Thanks to our extensive multi-sector experience, deep knowledge of mechanical operations and related planning, we can offer our customers transversal expertise, guaranteeing the production of industrial components through the moulding of technopolymers or light alloys for universal applications.

Our design and production phases are characterised by a high level of flexibility: in fact, we can guarantee professional results for all components intended for the mechanical and electronics sectors, as well as for sports or for any large product.

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Industrial sector
Industrial sector
Industrial sector
Industrial sector
Industrial components for the mechanical and electronics sectors

For the mechanical and electronics sectors, every product in plastic or light alloys must be functional, easy to install and effective. This is why we carry out a precise analysis of every detail before it is produced,monitoring each phase of the process step by step. We need to understand the final destination of each item in order to consider anyoperating and load requirements or contact issues with specific substances.
Our expertise allows us to supply a wide range of components both for the mechanical sector (from fans, gears, pins, grids and handles to mounts and components with inserts) and for the electronics sector (from electrical sockets to inverters, from remote controls to lighting and signage).

Technical components for sports

Our production of items and small components for the sports and industrial sectors requires the injection moulding of specific technopolymers, according to requirements.
We perform careful and precise operations, paying particular attention to the quality of the materials, and their intended application in leisure and entertainment, but often also in particular sporting and meteorological conditions, where valid and reliable tools are necessary.
More specifically, we work on components for outdoor accessories, such as details for ski boots, mountain backpacks, ski and Nordic walking poles and mono or bi-material handles.

Production of large industrial components in plastic and alloys

Our mechanical workshop and machine fleet allow us to produce large components for sectors that require technical support with special volumes.
We are involved in the production of manholes, containers, grids, tiles, piping and any other components to be used in urban furniture.

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